New Blogging Ritual

Here’s my daily and weekly journal format.


1. Eat: What do I eat today? Did I follow my no sugar no carb diet? How do I feel about the amount of food I eat? Is there something I will keep eating? Is there something I will never want to eat? Did I exercise today?

2. Employer List + New Job Posting: Adding one more company to my marketing and advertising agency list. Apply for a new job

3. Spending*: Did I spend within my budget?

4. Love: Evaluate why and why not you like him

4. Proverb/Quote for the Day

5. (Optional) Random Thoughts: What did I learn today? from the book? Bible? Conversation with other people? Is there any new things happening in my life? Did I meet any interesting person?


1. Next Week’s Meal Plan & Shopping List

2. 3 Things I Learned from my Book this Week

3. 1 Thing I Learned from Bible This Week

4. Weekly Refection

5. Keep going or Breaking Up

6. Do one thing on my 24 things to do before settling down list