Wonderfull Lost

What an asshole he is!

How did I end up being with him? How did I put up with him? For God’s sake I’m not going to have a baby with him. I will be crazy if I have a baby with him. My life will be over.

I need to make money, and lots of them, so I don’t have to depend on him for doing things.

Always remember, you are the average person of the five people you hang out with.

If you stay with him long enough, things will go wrong. So when stuck, do things that will improve yourself, do things that invest in your identity capital, do things that will make you closer to your goals.

Read, read a lot, read non-stop, absorbing all the knowledge and power as much as you can, and never look down on yourself. You know when everything goes wrong, your experience will be I want to be a successful fitness coach and blogger, a motivational speaker, a loving mom and wife, a world traveller and photographer.


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