No Name

This morning Matt called me and we talked on the phone for 30 minutes.

He told me all the crazy things she is doing – this woman just won’t leave him in peace. How many times I’ve seen people stuck in financial issues and couldn’t pick themselves up. I was so disappointed that he even had a thought of going back to the business. This is such a drama!!! I couldn’t believe everything he used to say was just bullshit!

Ok, instead of letting other people mess up with my life, I decided to follow God.

I decided to listen to what he wants me to do and let him direct me to where I belong.

Thank you Lord for bringing peace to my life…

Here’s a little private time I wanted to talk about J.

I missed him again… And still, my heart hurted.

I remembered how we cuddled together on his comfy bed and watched movies using his projector.I remembered how I fell asleep in his arms just like that. I remembered waking up beside him and caught a glimpse of New York Sunshine coming through his window. I remembered making love with him all day and all night. I remembered him holding my hands and walked me over busy streets on Manhattan…There was so much passion and love between us. And now, nothing will never happen again.

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