All About Diet

So I’ve tried a couple of days of No Carb No Sugar Diet.
I felt so sick especially when I drink Diet Coke/Cranberry Juice. I could taste the artificial flavor in it.
However, no sugar or carbs make me feel great..

I LOVE salad. I cannot give up on coffee with cream.
I’m not so crazy about meat. I feel the reason I eat them is because I want to make myself full
I miss carbs – especially muffins. I miss nuts – cashew and stuff
I miss smoothies – I would much prefer to start my day with smoothies than bacon and eggs.
I have no problem stop eating fruits – I don’t miss them AT ALL, Maybe I don’t like them that much at the first place? 

A few things I’ve learned from my diet is that 
– I shall never buy nuts or cereal – or I will eat them all
– No Carb or Fruit makes grocery shopping much easier and less tempting 
– When I go exercising, I felt what I should and should not eat more than 1 bowl

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