The First Day of February 2015

The first Monday morning of February was welcomed by the biggest snow she has ever seen in a very long time. He walked her to the subway station, holding her hand tightly as he would never let her go again.

Last night, he said to her “let’s get married in April when we go to Vancouver, we can have two girls and one boy, isn’t that delightful? ”

She didn’t say anything, she was overwhelmed by this unpredicted yet sacred statement. “He must be very drunk. ” She thought, but in the meantime, she started to worry. ..

Earlier in the day, her dad called her and asked her to go back to China. He gave her a job offer, a big house, money, network, even a never-met fiancé. All these are things she’s been striving for by herself for years while living abroad. She was happy at first. She was happy because of this rare opportunity. but almost immediately, she started to get mad. Why wouldn’t he tell her before? So she didn’t have to work so hard, under so much stress, sorting out all kinds of shit? And almost became a prostitute…And now all the effort she has put into her work and personal life all went back to zero. ZERO!!! Which means all the sorrow and pain she has been through was useless, and meaningless. There’s never been a moment she felt so disappointed. Her dad kept on talking.. It was one am in China, and he was so pumped by the idea of her coming back to China.. She listened with her lost look, listened in silence….

It was that point, her life started heading to a completely different direction. She didn’t know what’s ahead out there, but she was very sure, no matter how bad it would be, he would have gone through that. There’s no good or bad choices. Choices are choices. She made her mind.

He dragged her to his side, and put his arm around her waist. “You just do whatever you want right?” She smiled and looked him into eyes. Those blue eyes are bold and dazzling. He’s heart-stopingly beautiful. She couldn’t help but blushed. “Yes,” he replied, “and I know you liked it”. He suddenly hauled her against his body, and started to squeeze her tightly. Her breathe became shallow. She felt hopeless butterflies flourishing in her stomach, but she couldn’t take her eyes off him. Yes, he is right. She does like it. Who wouldn’t like this? Before she realized, his lips were on hers. His kiss was demanding. His lips and tongue coaxed hers. She felt her blood pumping all through her body. Desires, thick and hot, pooled in her belly. She closed her eyes, moaned into his mouth….

Outside the window, snow had started falling again, in tiny flakes at first, soon enough comes thicker chunks, slanting down from the dark and milky sky. They are the only ones left in the resteraunt. The Super Bowl game was over now. But their relationship has just started.

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