The more time I spend with him, the more I think of him as a good guy. I’m amazed by how much he can take care of a person. And how much contents he could contribute to a conversation. And how smart and funny he is.

Last night after the party, my heels were killing me but I didn’t say anything. He asked me how tall are your heels. I said not so tall but they are killing my feet. He squatted down and said me “get up here”. He carried me for five minutes. I was speechless. Well, not just because how sweet it is, but also because it’s the first time someone did this to me. Man, I’m not light. Eventually, I said, I will just walk by myself. But he called a cab.

I slept until one pm the other day, he called me “magic sleeping pills”. I don’t know why i slept so much, on the one hand,  I was so tired – because of the gym work, the party, the sex,  but on the other hand, I just felt so secure and comfortable in his bed. I told him I’m in love with your bed. And he said to me that this is not even a bed, it’s a sofa. He has an even better bed in his storage room that no girls would want to fuck him once they get on the bed – they just want to sleep.

How do you define “funny”? If someone can still give jokes in sleep, he or she is funny..

This is my definition for him.

He’s quite unusual. The boyfriend material.

And the best part of him is that he eats clean. Maybe that’s the the plus of dating a personal trainer.

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