Monday Blues

So this is what I heard – this Monday, well, two days ago, is the most depressing day of the year, as holiday season is over, vacation is over, and people are getting back to work. As far as I know, no day can be depressing. And Monday was extremely well as I started my diet.

Speaking of my diet, it’s not as effective as I imagined. As I thought a big change could occurred in the first three days – The protein phase; the fact was quite the opposite. That’s depressing. Especially today. I’ve never been this regretted – why did I gain so much weight. If I don’t gain so much weight, I wouldn’t be struggling with all these diets and exercises dilemma.

Such a simple thing, but I take years to understand…

There are many things that take me years to understand. For example, the dilemma between Amway and work. On one hand, I’ve already exhausted after a full day of work, while on the other hand, I still need to work on amway on the side. I simply cannot do anything else. Because to me, these are all a waste of time and money. Oh by the way, where did my money go?

Is this really something everyone is worried about at their 20s? Or it’s just me? I can’t imagine what my days would be like after I get married, have kids… How do people balance their lives???

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