Timothy was talking to me as my mind got completely carried away.

What was I doing these days?
Why did I stop what I was doing and switched my focus?
Where did my passion go?
Where did my time go?

I’m pretty sure that this is still something I want to do even I hate it. This is something I need despite of it’s financial pay off. Deep down in my heart, I still believe that what I’m doing is right – or I won’t be here. I won’t keep coming back…

It is right to come back to Vegas. At least I know that when I fly back. I’ll be filled with dreams and motivation. I’ll be on the right track again.

As my CEO said: speed is cheap. It applies to everything. Anyway, pole dancing. Nothing is difficult, and being persistence is not difficult. What I need is to get out of my comfort zone and do something extraordinary in 2015.

I’m so freaking tired of my old self – always struggling with the same shit. Get out of there. It’s a year for some big change!

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