Men are smart animals who are good at giving out hints. But they are not so smart at interpreting them.

He said nothing at the question “will you be my lover of lifetime” – which was an obvious NO. He told me that he had a girlfriend the first time we met – which obvious meant I don’t want to give you false expectation. He reminded me that fantasy world was not reality, and that I should educate my boyfriend about sex instead of considering him as my No.1 go to place in terms of love making – which had no difference than go fuck yourself.

So why didn’t he tell me this is a one night stand so that I could let this go? He was too attractive and too charming and too good at pleasing a woman that my heart just won’t follow my command.

I felt so hungry the days when he left me and I couldn’t stop eating. But I know this is not about my stomach, but about my empty heart.

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