Heart Breaking Season

My cousin broke up with her boyfriend, so we went out for a drink tonight.

In the past few months since they’ve been together, he didn’t care for her, he didn’t look after her, he never said he loved her, he met her only once a week, they never had sex in the six months of their relationship… Despite of all these reasons, she still kept him company. The only thing that kept she going is that they’ve gone through life and death together – They almost died in an accident in Montreal, and he sacrificed his life to make sure she was safe. She said she would remember that forever.

But it’s all over now. She said to him, only fool will stay with you. Then she saw tears coming out of his eyes.

What a heart breaking season. My cousin and I sat in the dark, and silence, with our own little stories. Even ourselves cannot define ourselves.

Is it now.
Go away.
A perfect thing was dying.
Met with love.
Missed you so.
Tears I taste from crying..

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