The future is so beautiful. How can I stop getting close to you?

Fall is definitely my favourite season – falling leaves and warm air, scenery gets more colourful. 

I got off work as normal, 5:30. There’s a lady sitting on the subway floor, begging for money. She has a dog that looks super adorable beside her. Fat and puffy dog, with fur covering it’s eyes. I just cannot keep my eyes off it.

I continue walking and wonder how he is now. The music is soft, the subway is warm, my knee is sore, and I want to cry, cry like never before, like I lost something important. 

If it’s not him, will there be someone else in my life? I mean, there will be, someone who is special, different, and fit for me. 
So what is so special about him? We met for a reason. All people meet for a reason – destiny.
It is destiny that ties people together. 
And without it, there will be no chemistry, no feelings, no kisses, no touches, no hand holding, no sex, of course.

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